Many families and communities have strong beliefs and attitudes about, and towards people with gambling problems – particularly when such activities are denounced by their religion and culture. These beliefs and attitudes are based on assumptions about people with gambling problems. For example, a person who gambles is bad and irresponsible, does not care about family and/or is a liar.

Unfortunately, many people who have problems with gambling also share these assumptions. Feelings of shame may force the person and their family to live a secret life, hiding their problems away from everyone. Some even deny the issue when approached by a family member or a friend. Shame can discourage people from finding a solution, or cause a delay in seeking help from a professional. Most often, people seek help when they are in a crisis and damage has already been done.

The PEACE Community Ambassadors program has been set up to address these community issues. We work with communities as well as individuals to challenge assumptions about gambling and gambling problems. We understand that people with gambling problems have many positive qualities, strengths, dreams and goals in life. We will work with you to help you find the right support – together we can make a difference!

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