Getting help from the appropriate person and service can be crucial in overcoming a gambling addiction. People with gambling problems may require different types of guidance and support at different times, depending on their circumstances, issues and priorities. Some people may prefer to meet someone who has already recovered from their gambling problems before seeking help from a professional.

The ‘Consumer Voice’ program at Relationships Australia SA, supports people, who have been affected by problem gambling, to share their experiences with others. Hearing these stories can reassure listeners that recovery is possible. Importantly, these stories not only provide hope and encouragement to current gamblers and their families who want to take control of their situation, but they can serve as ‘guides’, pointing the way forward.  Some of these recovered gamblers have additional training to become Peer Support Workers.

These workers are not professionals or experts in the field of gambling. They are people that have lived experience of problem gambling, have sought help and have overcome their own addiction. After recovery, they have volunteered to support others.

Peer workers or ‘guides’ and can help you by:

  • sharing their experience that overcoming the gambling addiction is possible
  • being available for support when you feel hopeless and discouraged
  • acting as a trustworthy bridge between you and professional support
  • helping you to follow your recovery plan

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