The term ‘barring’ is used to refer to the act of excluding or banning someone from a gambling activity.

There are laws in South Australia that allow a person to ask to be ‘barred’ from participating in specific gambling activities. This includes betting with SA TAB and attending facilities where commercial gambling activities take place such as licensed gaming areas of hotels, clubs and the Adelaide Casino.

Section 4 of the Independent Gambling Authority Act 1995 empowers people to take control and make the powerful statement ‘I want to stop myself from gambling‘. Gambling venue staff can make a barring order for up to 3 months. All barring order are reported to the Independent Gambling Authority (IGA). After 3 months, IGA staff contact the individuals who are ‘barred’ to discuss and review extending the barring. If required, referral to other services such as counselling is offered.

It is an offence to breach a Barring Order.

The law also allows for involuntary barring. Involuntary barring enables friends, family and others to intervene by applying for an individual with a gambling problem to be barred from specific location.

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