Monitor Your Gambling on your Mobile

Smart Phone Apps are designed help people control their behaviour in a pokies venue or near pokies venues. Research has shown that people who keep track of their gambling behaviour are more successful when they try to quit or reduce their gambling.

The Problem Gambling Institute of Ontario (PGIO) at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) created Mobile Monitor Your Gambling & Urges (MYGU) – an App that promotes self-awareness of gambling behaviors. This educational tool gathers important information about gambling behaviors and reports back to the gambler the following:

  • The date and time they experienced an urge to gamble
  • What triggers their urges to gamble (e.g. having money, feeling bored or lonely)
  • What activities they do instead of gambling
  • Wins and losses when they gambled
  • Their feelings – if they gambled or didn’t gamble
  • Consequences – if they gambled or didn’t gamble

The MYGU App works best if used every time you have an urge to gamble. MYGU is meant for educational purposes only. It can teach you about when your gambling urges and how much you are winning or losing if you choose to gamble.

MYGU is a valuable tool for the user to track or resist gambling urges and can complement counselling by providing information to therapists. To download for FREE click here.


For people who gamble, it’s difficult to know just how much it costs to play – small individual losses can add up.  Cost2Play is a tool that helps people to understand the long-term costs involved in popular casino games including slots, blackjack and roulette. The online version of the Cost2Play calculator can also be viewed at

The Cost2Play Calculator is FREE through iTunes, Android and Blackberry App Stores – click here to download.

Stay on Track

Do you enjoy a bet but sometimes lose track of your wins and losses? Stay on Track is a free, mobile phone app that makes it easy to set a gambling budget and stick to it.

To download the app for FREE go here. 

Quit Pokies

Quit Pokies is designed to assist you to control or stop playing the pokies (Electronic Gaming Machines). Once installed on your phone, the Quit Pokies App will:

  • send you real time alerts when you enter a pokies venue
  • send you timed reminders if you stay at the venue
  • let you know how much money is lost each day at specific venues you visit
  • remind you about other important things you could be doing instead of gambling
  • help you to access support and assistance

Download FREE Quit Pokies App android or Quit Pokies App iphone version.


Netnanny is a general blocking software and is compatible with Windows computers, ioS, and Android phones.

Gaming Blocking Software

GamBlock® and Betfilter are designed to block internet access to online gambling sites.  They only work on Windows computers and Android phones.

Learn more about gambling blocking software here. 

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