Founded in our rich Indigenous cultures, Australia is a nation built on the migrant experience and is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Today there are approximately 24 million Australians. We speak almost 400 languages, including Indigenous languages, identify with more than 270 ancestries (ABS, 2016) and observe a wide variety of cultural and religious traditions.

One in five South Australians speak a language other than English at home. 15% of these people have low English language proficiency – mainly Chinese, Italian, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Filipino, Indian, Pakistani, Greek and Arabic (ABS, 2011). The cultural mix of South Australia’s population is an important aspect of community life in South Australia.

Gambling is a part of Australian life and many people derive enjoyment from it. However, unlike most other leisure activities, some Australians and their families suffer considerable hardship because of it.  The information currently available is based on data from various agencies, preliminary research and community-based assessments. In the year 2012, research conducted by the Social Research Centre (‘Gambling Prevalence in South Australia (2012)’) showed that 68.8% of South Australian adults had participated in some type of gambling during the last 12 months.

Few studies have assessed the prevalence of gambling participation within culturally and linguistically diverse populations. Additionally, because ‘problem gambling’ is highly stigmatised and people are reluctant to ask for help, the extent of harm caused by gambling in these communities is underestimated .

PEACE Multicultural Services strives to involve all CALD communities in reducing stigma, increasing awareness about gambling problems and in supporting people to seek help as early as possible.

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