People affected by gambling can experience many difficulties, such as losing their job, becoming homeless, having trouble paying debts, getting in trouble with the justice system, stopping their study and much more. Helping the person to address these issues and stay on the journey of recovery is part of the support that services can offer.

Understanding Support Services


In many cultures there are respected and trusted people who we go to for support.  We go to them because we know that they are there for us. We have faith they will keep those conversations between us and we know they will try their best to care for us. Counselling offers similar support to that which leaders and elders provide in our communities.

When you go through difficulties in life, it’s okay to feel sad, weak, stressed, worried and maybe depressed. But you need to ask yourself, at what point do I begin to rely on my own strengths to resolve the problem?  How much is this situation affecting me and my family’s lives? What will help me to stand up and face my gambling problem so I can get through it and move on with my life?

Counselling is a place where you can work through all these questions. It’s a place where you can create a change in your life and learn skills which you can hold on to and re-use whenever you need them.

When you wish you had someone to talk to who will listen to you without judging, blaming or making you feel ashamed, then counselling is an avenue to consider. Counselling allows you to talk to someone who can be objective and look at things from different perspectives.

Counsellors work together with you and develop a treatment plan. They also provide information, support and advocacy services to help you deal with your immediate and long term problems. They can work with other specialists to help address the underlying issues that caused you to develop the gambling problem in the first place

Financial Counselling

Financial counsellors assist people in financial difficulty. They provide information, support and advocacy to help deal with the immediate financial situation and minimise the risk of future financial problems.

Financial counselling is a free and confidential service provided by qualified counsellors who are experienced in working with the financial issues caused by gambling. They help relieve the stress and develop a plan for the future.

Some of the problems financial counselling can help with are:

  • Financial difficulties as a result of your or someone else’s gambling
  • Difficulties in budgeting and making ends meet
  • Being worried about your credit cards or what you owe
  • Not knowing how to deal with debt collectors
  • Concerns about your car being repossessed
  • Your mortgage, electricity, gas and other bills
  • Legal action as a result of your debts

PEACE Multicultural Services can help you

Personal Education and Community Empowerment (PEACE) Multicultural Services is a service of Relationships Australia SA.  The service supports and assists individuals, families and communities from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to lead balanced and healthy lives.

PEACE Multicultural Services provide:

  • Free services – we will not ask you to pay for the service you receive from us, nor will we charge your Medicare or health insurance to pay for the service
  • Confidential services – for example we will never talk to anyone about your circumstances without your permission. We will never gossip about you with anyone from your community or outside your community
  • Highly skilled and qualified workers who are fully aware of privacy and confidentiality even if one of them speaks your language or comes from your community
  • Highly trained interpreters – either through face-to-face or phone
  • Flexible services – we can meet you at a time and location that is convenient for you depending on your circumstances and individual needs

PEACE Multicultural Services works with:

  • People affected by gambling problems

We provide information, practical support and therapeutic services that support your recovery and enable you to rebuild your life. We help you to connect with relevant and crucial services and address other problems such as family violence, housing, financial, and relationship issues.

  • Groups for people who have common issues or concerns

This type of work provides opportunity for people to interact with others who share similar issues or circumstances and, with the help of the group facilitator, build confidence and develop strategies to maintain a healthy and balanced life.

  • Community members

We run community education campaigns to improve knowledge and understanding of gambling, gaming and problem gambling and reduce stigma within the community.

  • Service providers who work with people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds

We support service providers to understand cultural issues and develop ways of communicating better with clients. Often, with the approval of the client, we work collaboratively with other services to ensure that the needs of clients are met.

PEACE Multicultural Services can be contacted on (08) 8245 8100

gambling help online – 24/7 support line

gambling help online offers telephone and internet support 24 hours 7 days a week. When you call this service, a counsellor will answer and respond to your immediate emotional needs – providing support and guidance to help you begin your journey of recovery.

You can start a chat with a counsellor, join a discussion group or sign up to receive tips and ideas about how to help yourself.

To access gambling help online:

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