RGAW event – Riverland Conversations

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As another weekend approaches Enaam  has travelled to present to the North of the state about gambling harm for the last few events covering responsible gambling awareness week.


It is now Sunday, the 4th of June and the team have just spent the previous day in Pt Augusta holding a community consultation. Held in Renmark, today will be the final event of a wider campaign to highlight the impact of gambling on family and friends, this year’s RGAW theme.

Throughout the entire campaign, PEACE has been able to present to a number of multicultural communities all over SA, tackling different issues and concerns that exist within these different groups across the state.


The days the team have spent in the Riverland area are almost identical in style and schedule, commencing with a welcome to country and introduction given by Enaam followed by a short conversation dispelling common myths around gambling behaviour in Australia. The gambling presentation is followed with a short talk about the functions of the other arm of PEACE, the Blood Borne Virus team, which has not generally been covered as part of these events. The reason for its inclusion is part of PEACE’s wider strategy of community education and given that the engagement with the regional areas is much less that metropolitan SA, it seems a good opportunity to inform the communities we visit of our other services.


After these presentations there is time made for a round of questions and after some evaluation forms are filled out all participants are invited to share in a meal with the team.

It has been a long few weeks for everyone involved but the team here at PEACE are proud to have been able to work hard over that period and provide many different persons and communities with the opportunities to learn and to express their needs around these serious issues.



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