RGAW Event – OASIS Multifaith Gathering

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Today some of the PEACE gambling help team is hosting an event at Flinders University for Responsible Gambling awareness week. The event is aimed at educating International students about the risks involved in gambling and how their culture and experiences living in a new country might play a part in contributing towards that.

The team arrives early and sets up, around 20-30 people are scheduled to attend.

Once the seating is full the presentation begins with a welcome to country by Memoona, followed by a speech by Melvin, outlining his experiences growing up with parents having different cultural expectations and how that affected his life. The group is eager to ask Melvin about his experiences with gambling and addiction and how he overcame that which facilitates a healthy discussion.


Memoona then goes on to give a presentation that is in line with this years theme, ‘The effect of gambling on friends and family’ Throughout RGAW the team have been servicing a number of different communities but it has been important to tailor each community consultation/education session to suit the particular needs f the community being seen on that day, today is no different. Memoona talks about challenges that are specific to international students such as social isolation, cultural confusion and issues with assimilation and how gambling can easily become an outlet for the stresses that migrant communities face. After Memoona concludes her presentation the floor is opened up again for more questions and the attendees provide more prompts for discussion between the entire group. Clearly these issues have resonated and it is pleasing that everyone in attendance is engaged and willing to discuss the topics.


   The group then poses for a photo and invited to share in a hearty lunch, a tasty spread provided by both PEACE and the University.


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